Monday, August 29, 2016

August Office News

Dr. Oshidar's tennis team recent won the sectionals five state tournament! They are now heading to a national tournament in California to compete with 16 other teams for the national championship. Good Luck Dr. O!

Happy 40th Birthday to Dr. Oshidar!!!

Monday, August 1, 2016

Welcome Dr. Alhelawe and Farewell to Dr. Lee

We wish Dr. Lee well on his upcoming journey to a Prosthodontic Residency in Connecticut.

We are also thrilled to welcome Dr.  Ingy Alhelawe to the practice! She lives by the motto "Exist to Inspire" and dreams of a world where laughter and love are the motivating factors for people to become the best version of themselves. As a dentist with various experiences, she takes pride in providing the highest standard of care for her patients all while keeping them smiling and as comfortable as possible.

Born along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in Alexandria, Egypt, Ingy and her family moved to New Jersey when she was two to seek out a better life opportunity. As she broke the barriers of her cultural expectations, she sought out a Bachelor of Arts in Biological Sciences, Middle Eastern Studies, and Psychology. She later earned her DMD from Boston University where she graduated Summa Cum Laude. She then went on to complete the highly respected general practice residency at the Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; one of the best in the nation.

Community outreach plays a large role in Ingy's life – she has spent time in various parts of the country and the world providing care to underserved populations. When she's not busy treating patients you can find her barefoot in a forest, doing headstands on top of a mountain or having dance parties with her two year old niece Lily.

Monday, July 11, 2016

The Oral Health Care System: A State-Level Analysis

The ADA Health Policy Institute (HPI) has prepared at-a-glance reports on an array of oral health indicators for each state and D.C.

Topics for each include dental care utilization; oral health status, attitudes and dental IQ; fluoridation rates; reimbursement rates to providers; trends in dentist to population ratios; and percentage of dentists who participate in Medicaid.

Check out New Jersey’s stats …

Friday, June 17, 2016

Summer Savvy Dental Tips

It's Summertime, and the livin’ is easy! School is coming to a close and the long hot days of summer are upon us already, which means fun in the sun, road trips and yummy treats to keep cool. Unfortunately the summer can wreak havoc on you and your family’s oral health, so be sure to follow these tips to protect your teeth AND enjoy all that this warm season has to offer …

A Break from the Norm
Summer means slowing down and not always sticking to the schedule, thanks to late night backyard BBQs and vacations. While taking a break from the grind is great, be sure to still brush and floss every day and remind your kids to do the same! Also, most people think to visit their dentist for a check-up right before heading back to school, but now is actually the BEST time, so you can travel without fears of dental problem arising and ruining your vacation.

Enjoy the Tastes of the Season
Staying cool and hydrated is extra important during the summer months, however many traditional favorites – such as popsicles, sports drinks and lemonade – are loaded with sugar which can cause cavities and be bad for your family’s overall nutrition as well. Make sure healthier alternatives, such as cool lemon water, unsweetened ice tea, and cut up fruits and veggies are prepared and easily accessible.

Fun in the Sun
Staying active as temperatures climb can be fun and easy thanks to water sports, such as volleyball, swimming and diving. While not contact sports, these activities are often the cause of dental injuries such as chipped teeth. Consider investing in mouth guards for you and the kids to protect your teeth and insist on a strict no running at the pool rule to help prevent accidental falls.

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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Floss is Boss!

We all know how important it is to floss, but according to the American Dental Association, only 12 percent of Americans actually do it on a daily basis. Flossing at least once a day helps to remove food remnants from between your teeth that can’t be reached or dislodged by just regular brushing. Neglecting to floss can cause plaque buildup and cavity-causing decay, as well as an increased risk of gum disease. 

Using a tool to remove food from hard to reach places is by no means a new concept – in fact anthropologists have found prehistoric human teeth bones with grooves believed to have been created by the use of sticks and horse hair as toothbrush and floss.

The first documented use of floss was in 1815, when Americandentist Dr. Levi Spear Parmly published a book, A Practical Guide to the Management of Teeth, in which he suggested his patients floss daily using waxed silken threads. 

Sixty-seven years later, the concept had become popular enough that unwaxed silk floss was mass produced for the first time by the Codman and Shurleft Company in Massachusetts.  Johnson & Johnson also saw the opportunity for a booming new business and in 1898 patented the first dental floss.  

During World War II the cost of silk rose steeply, prompting an industry wide switch to nylon floss, which also proved to be a stronger material than silk since it shredded less.

Today, consumers have a whole host of options available to floss with, including soft floss for sensitive teeth, interdental brushes, dental picks, pre-threaded flossers, and water flossers. In addition to choosing the best tool, be sure to find a time every day that allows you to dedicate a few extra minutes to flossing.  Your teeth and gums will thank you!

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Dr. Oshidar Featured in DOCS Education Arch

Member Spotlight: Dr. Jamie Oshidar
DOCS Education goes behind the scenes with Jamie Oshidar, who spoke with us about practice ownership and business creativity.

Find out more about Dr. Oshidar and his practice here.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Springtime Allergies – A Real Pain in the … Mouth???

Spring has sprung and with it comes warm weather and blossoming trees and flowers. But for people who suffer from allergies, the arrival of spring can also mean itchy eyes and a runny nose. Did you know that along with these common symptoms, springtime allergies can also cause tooth and mouth discomfort? Here are three ways that allergens can wreak havoc on your oral health …

Congestion can cause swollen sinuses which in turn put pressure on the super sensitive upper molars.  Since these two areas are located so closely together, the pain that is created often mimics a toothache. 

Sore Throat
The body's natural defense against allergens is to over produce salvia and flush them out. This overproduction of phlegm can start to drop down the back of the throat and cause a tickle or sore throat. 

Dry Mouth
Many medicines that help alleviate many allergy symptoms - such as congestion - can cause dry mouth which can lead to other dental problems. Salvia is necessary to protect the mouth from harmful bacteria, so when there is not enough present, a person becomes more susceptible to tooth decay, bad breath, and gingivitis. 

If you are suffering from seasonal allergies and are experiencing any of these conditions, it is important that you visit a medical professional to rule out any other serious dental issues.  

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